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Reinforce team cohesion and highlight the values of your company


The human is undeniably the key to the success of companies. But it is also at the origin of most of their small and big dysfunctions: an insufficient or overflowing communication, unsuitable strategic or operational decisions, managers in difficulty in their role of leader..., this will have  a direct and more or less important impact on the collective efficiency of the organization. In the air, the immediate consequences can be the occurrence or avoidance of an accident

This is why flight management requires excellent synergy within the crew: organization and rules of operation, communication and collaboration modes, place and relevance of the leader, decision-making process ... Make sure that this team is as efficient as possible, even in the most tense moments, is the daily challenge of the airline pilots!


Crew Resource Management: the challenge of team dynamics!

To meet the requirements of a very dynamic environment, the airline has developed an innovative management approach and set up CREW RESSOURCE MANAGEMENT. By rethinking air activity through the lens of the human, CRM brings tools, concepts and a culture conducive to reliability and efficiency.

These management tools and approaches from the aviation world are for the most part easily transferable in other sectors of activity in search of performance. Checklists, communication, task dispatching   and priority management are all points on which aviation has always been ahead.

 Our ambition is to offer you, through a diagnosis, the CRM solutions most adapted to your challenges: improve the collective dynamics of your company, develop and encourage adherence to a culture of reliability and security, make it more readable your organizations and modes of operation speed up your decision-making process...


On board of our Airbus 320 simulator your team will


  •  Share a unique experience.   Take off in a good mood and conviviality. All in the same cockpit,     and monitored by    our specialists. Are you ready? So welcome on board!

  • Achieve goals and join together the right destination. Transform individual performance into collective success,      

  •    Learn how to better manage your business projects, so fasten your seat belts and full gas!

  • Surpass yourself by giving height to your event. Prepare your flight plan, brief your crew, take off your turnover, avoid turbulence and engine failures. Many challenges will allow you to win your pilot wings.

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