Full Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320

The A 320 simulator(1.3.0)

Download the technical file

  • ATCT has been operating an A320 full-flight simulator since 2005.
  • ATCT is among the handful of proud suppliers of training using the Full Flight Simulator AIRBUS A320.
  • This simulator is certified EASA Level D which is the highest level of qualification.
  • The A 320 simulator (1.3.0) was manufactured in England by Thales Training & Simulation and boasts the latest innovations and technology in terms of flight modeling and components (visual system, motion system 6°of freedom, digital sound and communications).
  • Two engines are used in the simulator – the CFM 56-5B4 and the IAE V2527-A5 – along with the highly-acclaimed new visual system, EP-1000. This system represents a new generation of airport environment simulating two dozen European and North African airports.
  • To top it off, ATCT simulators include an FCDS (Flight Crew Debriefing System) which allows the crew to review and analyze their performance with their instructor after exiting the simulator.